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QuakeLive Plays Ep #1 Evil vs Tox – Furious Heights

Hey guys! I hope you’re enjoying the heat wherever you are, I’m certainly melting under the 34c that we had today, daaaamn. Welcome to a new series I’m creating: QuakeLive Plays! The first episode features Evil vs Tox from the … Continue reading

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DDK does duel theory!

Hey guys, Considering I’ve just set my blog up somewhat properly although I hope to change the look in the future, I want to add some of the more important content I’ve created from the past. In this video I … Continue reading

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New content flushing in, starting with QuakeWorld!

Hey guys! So I’ve started to produce content again. *inhales deeply* Aaaaaaahh, how refreshing it is! So here we are, I have completed my commentaries for the European Quake League 16 Grand Finals between the Viper Squad and Sudden Death. … Continue reading

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