QuakeLive Plays Ep #1 Evil vs Tox – Furious Heights

Hey guys!

I hope you’re enjoying the heat wherever you are, I’m certainly melting under the 34c that we had today, daaaamn.

Welcome to a new series I’m creating:

QuakeLive Plays!

The first episode features Evil vs Tox from the 10th Sunday Cup of the Spring Season. The point of this series is just to analyse games I enjoyed or found interesting from the previous weekend of casting.

I hope you guys enjoy the content and feel free to shoot me any feedback as to how I can improve it. I think that I’ll make it shorter next time and try to go a little more in depth, I also think I can really improve on these so watch this space for more.


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3 Responses to QuakeLive Plays Ep #1 Evil vs Tox – Furious Heights

  1. Christoffer Ahlefelt says:

    so great and helpfull! Keep it up ddk

  2. kylel says:

    THANKS!. Please keep this up. As a beginner to QL I find these extremely helpful. I even find that I am analyzing my own game now and playing a lot better for it.

  3. kylel says:

    Thanks so much for this. Really helpful. Please keep it up!

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