Vods uploaded from the CPM Duel Masters 2013!

I don’t often do my own streams but I did manage to kick it oldskewl some weekends back to provide some coverage for the CPM Duel Masters where $1400 was up for grabs!

You can check the games on my youtube channel.

It was great to go back and check CPM out after a long hiatus from the scene. The games were even better than I remembered and I was really sad not to be able to stream past the Winner Bracket Final between Gaiia and Memphis.

Either way, I uploaded all the matches I covered with Nekon as my casting partner for the duration of the stream, who carried the torch when I had to go, so if you liked his casting check him out!

I gotta say, something that surprised me is that one of my first CPM 1v1 uploads was HAL_9000 vs Lunokhod, where I specifically asked HAL not to send a “rape game” but he did anyway. Seems like he did us all a favour as it’s my most popular video right now with just over 11k views. Due to this interesting fact, I decided to do a test- will a similar game (not quite as rapey though) from HAL_9000 yield something similar with the numbers?

You can catch the game here:

I plan to be covering the other matches I missed from the CPM Duel Masters cup as well as some QuakeWorld content when I go home for Christmas in a few weeks, so look forward to that!



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One Response to Vods uploaded from the CPM Duel Masters 2013!

  1. M1zzu says:

    How Gellehsak prepared to fighting hal:

    “If this will satisfy, a few things going through my mind before/during the game:

    – Hal is a high damage output player. He plays a game where he gets into position just to deal damage. Players make plenty of mistakes against him when they try to directly engage him.
    – Hal is a very emotional player and he had just rage quit against gaiia on both maps they played. Hal’s game changes drastically when his emotions aren’t in check.
    – Hal really gets uncomfortable when a game isn’t flowing the way he wants it. He likes being able to calmly make flicks and ‘pretty’ shots to keep up this flow.
    – I felt confident in my ability to exploit his current emotional state and on my ability to force him to slow down his game outside of his flow on 3 of the 5 maps (22 and 24 being the exceptions)
    – Knowing my deficiencies against Hal (that being the likelihood he would be able to do a lot more damage and that he basically goes up 1-0 from the beginning because of his choice of 22 or 24 for his pick) allowed me to understand expectations early on, keeping my emotions and nerves where they needed to be.

    I could hit on a few more points I believe changed the outcome of the game, but this is generally what was going on in my head prior/during the game.”

    from http://esreality.com/post/2515572/hal-9000-vs-gellehsak/#pid2516788

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