Very simple but really effective Dust 2 A bombsite execute

Hey guys, I recently produced this video for showing how to do a wall of smokes A execute through the eyes of NiP.

This is a play that EVERY team should have in their repertoire. Not only is it really easy to perform, but you can do it in a very wide array of circumstances, even if you’re down to 3 players– assuming you still have 3 smokes left.

This kind of execute is the scariest play that a CT team can face on Dust 2’s A bombsite at the moment in the current meta. The other scariest play is a very fast B split that’s not telegraphed. But the beauty of both of these plays is that, even if you’ve not understood their setup completely, even if you haven’t gotten a pick or some information, if you have taken catwalk properly you will be able to throw a strong play at your opponents. Catwalk control should almost always be your goal as your standard play on Dust 2 as well, it’s hard for the CTs to deny it, they would have to take risky engagements where they expend a lot of resources in the way of smokes and flashes early on, which if it comes up short (lol puns), will hinder their ability to find information or defend pushes much later into the round. As far as the Ts go, it’s pretty easy and cheap to clear it with proper team play and well placed flashes. One thing you have to always remember is that, someone can always take a risk and go huge with some catwalk push– it happens. But don’t be outcome oriented and think that either his play is good, or overprepare for something that’s risky and only works a small percentage of the time.

The player roles are quite self-explanatory, I covered pretty much everything in less than 3 minutes in the video.

A few things I didn’t note in the video though:

  • GeT_RiGhT throws a super nifty pop flash upon entry fragging into A Long
  • GeT_RiGhT’s smoke allows him to pass the most dangerous angle safely, and the pop flash is then designed for the remaining positions (pit/close)
  • Allu’s crossover smoke creates a situation where the AWP player cannot get an angle onto the A site, whilst the long smoke also prevents him from properly helping long– he’s screwed basically

How to deal with it as the CTs:

  • You cannot let the plant go down for short super fast. The best way to do this is in making sure your site guy stays alive. What a lot of top teams do is put their site guy on the goose position just aiming towards the planting spot ready to spam through the smoke to get the planter. If you can delay the bomb from going down and buy time for the smokes to go away, this will create a lot of opportunities to hold or allow your reinforcements to come in.
  • Holding down long is another important factor, however if the T who is attacking plays it smart, it can be quite difficult, as he just needs to delay and provide a threat and allow his teammates to over run the site whilst distracting attention away from defending A.
  • Don’t over commit your defense on long, trust in your long man to win the 1on1 or 1on2, or just get the delay in, this will allow the crossover player to flash into the smokes for the CT on goose to have a better chance in getting frags and delaying the plant whilst your rotation comes in. Again, delaying the plant is the most important thing or even being able to deny it altogether.And that concludes my final thoughts on this execute, cheers guys!
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