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Very simple but really effective Dust 2 A bombsite execute

Hey guys, I recently produced this video for showing how to do a wall of smokes A execute through the eyes of NiP. This is a play┬áthat EVERY team should have in their repertoire. Not only is it really … Continue reading

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Structure in Quake 4v4 and why it’s important.

[I wrote this years ago and never released it, upon the rebirth of my site, I felt like it may as well go up for those interested!] With this piece I wanted to address the fallacy of balanced items and … Continue reading

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CS:GO Pro Plays #5 Titan’s reactive pistol opening on nuke

As per most pistol rounds, it’s a pretty chaotic start. To some extent by Titan’s design as they decide to take a reactive approach. Some would argue there is generally more merit to going with a more “swarm” like approach … Continue reading

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CS:GO Pro Plays #4 – Some deeper thoughts and general musings

(read down for my general thoughts, below that there is the embedded video of episode 4, below that is my thoughts on the episode itself) Hey guys, First off, it’s been a long time since I’ve created a post here, … Continue reading

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Vods uploaded from the CPM Duel Masters 2013!

I don’t often do my own streams but I did manage to kick it oldskewl some weekends back to provide some coverage for the CPM Duel Masters where $1400 was up for grabs! You can check the games on my … Continue reading

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Competition is one of the greatest life cheats, but it also has its costs.

So I was walking down the cold streets of Milan the other day and it popped into my head how easy it was to invest a huge amount of time into something very difficult that often didn’t give many returns– … Continue reading

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QuakeLive Plays Ep #1 Evil vs Tox – Furious Heights

Hey guys! I hope you’re enjoying the heat wherever you are, I’m certainly melting under the 34c that we had today, daaaamn. Welcome to a new series I’m creating: QuakeLive Plays! The first episode features Evil vs Tox from the … Continue reading

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